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nilix bonked 31 Mar 2023 15:59 -0600
original: cblgh@merveilles.town

New Merveilles Jam Detected!

Finish It 2023
[2023-04-02 — 2023-04-09]

Have a project that's been lingering? Seize this opportunity to finish it using that extra boost of energy that comes from jamming with others—the smaller the project, the better!

It may be software, a feature, music, artistic, gardening-related - if you started working on it: it’s applicable


a html table showing: 

start: 2023-04-02
end: 2023-04-09
hashtag: #finishit
chat: IRC #merveilles @ irc.esper.net:6667
description: A jam hosted by the Merveilles community.

nilix bonked 30 Mar 2023 21:23 -0600
original: xgqt@fosstodon.org

Software that you cannot compile on a 8 core CPU in under 8 hours should not be called open source even if under a OSS license.
Do I have to have a f-ing mainframe to run your crap?
How am I supposed to reproduce your software?

In 2025 you will need a 120C CPU with TBs of memory to compile Chromium, and then it will still segfault because some boomer forgot to properly initialize a GTK object.
OSS corpo-ware is a load of crap.