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nilix replied 25 Mar 2024 20:56 -0600
in reply to: https://soulnet.lightcrystal.systems/notes/9ra2zxwfnesx000y

@nilix from honk to shonk, launching this sharkey instance to provide a platform for earnest conversation and digital cross-sectional community building. We will see where it goes. Invite only while we work out the kinks, probably registrations with approvals down the line.

For those i follow, expect a follow/request soon as i start using the instance :3

nilix shared 25 Mar 2024 15:38 -0600
original: jameschip@merveilles.town

Look at this cutting edge web UI. This is what we are missing out on, with all your fancy frontend frameworks. Actual useful information!

Screen shot of a website that is just a big table with two collumns. In the left collumn are dates, and times, of shows that are happening. In the right collums are  blue underlines links that read "Book Now"

That is all there is. No other bloat.

nilix shared 25 Mar 2024 15:27 -0600
original: kapunta@merveilles.town



a pixelated worm chases a tiny human.

nilix posted 24 Mar 2024 11:29 -0600

Anyone got a spare rpi or similar they would be willing to part with (for reasonable payment ofc)? Gotta rebuild my #homeserver and prefer not to buy new hardware where possible.


nilix shared 22 Mar 2024 09:06 -0600
original: ErikUden@mastodon.de

Once libraries are nonexistent any modern fascist movement wouldn't even have to burn books, but flick one switch and they'd be remotely deleted from your Amazon Kindle or similar digital “library”.

Capitalists are already building the infrastructure to do this through DRM, so stop believing tech is apolitical - the defunding of libraries and paywalling of information are all part of this.

nilix shared 22 Mar 2024 08:26 -0600
original: ellie@woem.space

walk into a computer science class and do the “pspsps” thing u do with cats . at least half of the boymoders in that classroom will immediately turn to you and may accidentally meow

nilix posted 20 Mar 2024 22:09 -0600

building the ZFS DKMS takes foreverrrrrrrrr

nilix shared 20 Mar 2024 13:44 -0600
original: aw@merveilles.town

a deep concern that I have with software development is how alienated it is from the communities in which engineers live. they work on central platforms that are hosted "in the cloud", the work is unplaced and detached from material surroundings. an alternative world would involve a much stronger emphasis on infranets, community-owned and hosted infrastructure, "platforms" limited in scale and targeted towards the specific needs of a specific place that they are in relationship with

nilix shared 19 Mar 2024 11:17 -0600
original: becha@social.v.st

@aral this is why FLOSS advocates & hackers should work with doctors, schools, real estate agents, activists… and teach them about privacy & decentralization - while learning from them about real-world use cases for “our” ethics & principles

nilix shared 18 Mar 2024 14:27 -0600
original: posts@news.compost.digital

Distributed Press is at Fediforum this week!

Distributed Press is at Fediforum this week!

Distributed Press is at Fediforum this week!

We're thrilled to be at Fediforum this week to present our latest tools! For the past year, we've been working on bringing distributed hosting to the Fediverse, to create better, more customizable social interactions built atop ActivityPub.

Come check out our talk on Wednesday March 20 in the morning, around 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET (the overall schedule is here).

Here's a sneak peek of our presentation:

  • No-code publishing to the distributed web: Sutty CMS is a graphical, user-friendly interface for static Jekyll-based websites. With a click on a toggle, you can publish your websites to IPFS, Hypercore, and of course, HTTP.

  • Social Inbox: Publish a profile and post your website's contents directly to the Fediverse. Other accounts can follow your websites, and replies to your Fedi posts can be moderated and published on your for sites through a back-end moderation panel on the Sutty CMS. It also allows instance-level allow lists and block lists. We've automated announcements so others can easily subscribe and follow your website posts on the Fediverse.

  • Social Reader: A new ActivityPub client that supports natively loading published data over p2p protocols, skipping the need for always-online HTTP servers for accessing content. It also gives you more precise controls over the content that you interact with.

We'd love to connect with you!

Especially if you're building or strategizing around:

  • Payments and sustainable funding on the Fediverse

  • Peer-to-peer and distributed publishing

  • Fediverse adoption by medium to large organizations

Hope to meet some of you there!

nilix shared 15 Mar 2024 15:22 -0600
original: Zee@social.coop

Anyway, if you are interested in supporting a sustainable, long-term project that plants regionally owned and operated data cooperatives with an emphasis on economic interdependence, mutual aid, and mutual benefit consider contributing to our community #OpenCollective https://opencollective.com/zinc-community#category-CONTRIBUTE

Sure, we ain't a microblogging platform (because omg the cost to benefit ratio is whack on those) but we do offer high-benefit/low-cost systems that help communities break free from extractive tech.

nilix shared 15 Mar 2024 13:47 -0600
original: jbcrawford@hachyderm.io

Thinking about writing an article on Linux user authentication infrastructure but I'm worried I'd lose my sanity somewhere around sssd and just start hissing.

nilix posted 15 Mar 2024 10:34 -0600

trying to get back into drawing more. little self portrait sketch while i wait for my work computer to reboot

pencil sketch on dotgrid paperof a girl with high ponytail, short sleeved shirt, shorts, thighhighs, and hiking shoes leaning on a halfwall

nilix posted 14 Mar 2024 23:27 -0600

eepy eepy

shutdown -h now

nilix shared 14 Mar 2024 16:54 -0600
original: rntz@recurse.social

The GC is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Xe maketh me to lie down in free pages;
Xe leadeth me beside the tagged pointers.
Xe restoreth my memory;
Xe leadeth me in the paths of finalization for Xyr name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of malloc(),
I will fear no memory leaks; for Thou art with me;
Thy mark and thy sweep they comfort me.

nilix posted 13 Mar 2024 20:36 -0600

Hitty pitty within the wall, hitty pitty without the wall; if you touch hitty pitty, hitty pitty will bite you!!

nilix posted 13 Mar 2024 14:51 -0600

Finished a notebook (the little grey one barely visible), time to start on this black moleskine dotgrid on top of the stack :3


A multocolored stack of notebooks (spines visible) on a wooden desktop

nilix shared 13 Mar 2024 08:19 -0600
original: icy@h.icyphox.sh


The idea that employees are so mentally fragile that "feeling overwhelmed" is a reason to be absent is bonkers. Everyone feels "overwhelmed" every now and then. That's not an adequate reason not to show up for work!

lmao uh oh. dhh, buddy…

This article completely misses the possibility that “feeling overwhelmed” can stem from life outside of work. Here in Finland (and likely other EU countries), you are entirely within your rights to take sick time off for mental health reasons (https://yle.fi/a/74-20070305).

Not every day is going to be magical at work. Some days you really do just have to power through. And if you can't, then use some paid time off to recover. Taking it out of the same allowance that someone else would spend on a holiday.

Yeah, no. Sick days and vacation days are entirely different. You go on vacation to take a break from work, not to recover from an illness.

nilix posted 13 Mar 2024 00:07 -0600

made some long-planned updates on my site:

Also now linking my signal username (nilix.99) on my about page - feel free to message me :>

nilix shared 11 Mar 2024 16:16 -0600
original: adamgreenfield@social.coop

Sure, this wannabe-Gilead stuff sounds goofy AF, but *fortune favors the prepared mind*. These troglodytes have an existing network. They have capital. They have a more or less clear sense of what they want to do, and the order they want to do it in. And you better believe they will have a sufficiency of people willing to do the foot-soldiering. We mock them at our peril. https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/inside-a-secret-society-of-prominent-right-wing-christian-men-prepping-for-a-national-divorce

nilix posted 11 Mar 2024 12:41 -0600

Notarized my petition for name change :3

nilix shared 11 Mar 2024 10:29 -0600
original: AnarchoNinaWrites@jorts.horse

It's a simple problem:

Either capitalism, particularly extractivist fossil fuel capitalism, goes, or a planet that can support 8 billion + people does. There is no third option, and yes, the rich people, including the political class they have bought and own, have already picked capitalism.

Fight, or die. Revolution, or extinction. Maybe you can win without violence, but don't pretend the other team has any qualms about force, fascism, and murder to keep their power. They tell you so every day

nilix posted 07 Mar 2024 21:16 -0700

Fitted sheets are dumb

nilix posted 06 Mar 2024 21:43 -0700

i learned about vi's ZZ instead of needing to install a chromium based browser to have access to the whole keyboard in the web console... so was able to fix the networking bits on the cloned VM :3

nilix posted 06 Mar 2024 19:40 -0700

These depictions of an #electricityDemon that kills people have caught my attention on walks with the kiddo. Earlier tonight they mentioned an electricity demon as a character in a story they were telling lol

A faded warning sticker on an electrical transformer housing depicting an electricity demon reaching out a tentacle to kill someone

nilix posted 06 Mar 2024 15:20 -0700

aaaand everything grinds to a halt in UAT cause the #cloudops guy is afraid to touch the networking config

nilix shared 06 Mar 2024 14:01 -0700
original: ariadne@social.treehouse.systems

one of the CPU coolers i have on my x86 lab machine is insufficient, so i am fixing the problem in a way that i can only describe as “inspired by FDCservers.net”

a fan is blowing cold air straight into the case to keep the computer cold

nilix shared 02 Mar 2024 22:12 -0700
original: unluckychloe@peoplemaking.games

mastodon......hello i whisper gently.......im chloe aka owch and i make cool games i would like to share with you here if thats ok with you! for my first post is this rpg im working on called LOVE IS ON THE WAY. if you like it youre legally allowed to follow me and tell me im nice with it. nobody can stop you

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nilix replied 01 Mar 2024 23:01 -0700
in reply to: https://cafe.nilfm.cc/u/nilix/h/4Pys2f7wY57STV2Nn2

also, be washing a mug or some shit in the kitchen, about to go out for a walk/smoke break from work and partner says "it's windy, you probably are gonna want pants" and my response to that is to change from kneesocks into thighighs lolol

nilix posted 01 Mar 2024 22:58 -0700

When you tell the cashier at the co op as he struggles to link your name to your member number at the kiosk "it's under Iris now" and his response is literally "oh ok, makes sense... wait what?"

nilix posted 22 Feb 2024 08:00 -0700

feel like im a living human for the first time since sunday

nilix replied 22 Feb 2024 07:58 -0700
in reply to: https://cafe.nilfm.cc/u/nilix/h/fjxHDT6D7dXPm5Yw27

grinding through my #talesOfArise ng+ chaos mode playthrough... lv31, maining rinwell but trying to play everyone more or less equally. currently trying to gain a few levels to do the novice group battle at the training grounds but the polycanthus in the 3rd round are too intense lol. If i can do that though then i should be set for almeidrea and mesmald

nilix posted 21 Feb 2024 21:56 -0700

so many projects i wanna work on but all i have the energy to do rn is make/drink tea and leisurely plod through some video game or other...

nilix posted 20 Feb 2024 08:57 -0700

when you get hyped after meeting with a client and having a really productive session, then spend the rest of the long weekend with a cold

nilix replied 07 Feb 2024 19:44 -0700
in reply to: https://cafe.nilfm.cc/u/nilix/h/NXtDJdmW62sF423x1P

so I somehow deleted the WHERE clause in the subquery that populates the Plan node... so it took 3 hours because it was populating for every plan in the system...

should have diffd with the original again after refactoring, I might have caught it way earlier :')

message of query completion showing in the bottom right that it ran for over 3 hours

nilix posted 06 Feb 2024 11:12 -0700

Well it doesn't run out of memory after 12 minutes anymore but I don't think this qualifies as an improvement...


@clarity is this what you dream of?! lol

Bottom bar of an ssms query window showing the query has been running for 20 minutes

nilix shared 05 Feb 2024 17:00 -0700
original: josh@phocks.eu.org

a CEO can never be held accountable therefore a CEO must never make a management decision

nilix shared 05 Feb 2024 12:28 -0700
original: clarity@xoxo.zone

@pikhq wish more people talked about the fact that github is an obvious EEE effort that is deep in the middle of the second E these days