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* disable glob expansion in summary compositionHEADmainDerek Stevens2022-01-221-1/+4
* use mailrc instead of cluttering the script; reformat summaryDerek Stevens2021-11-261-28/+26
* add mising exclamation point for mbsync clauseDerek Stevens2021-08-291-1/+1
* use mbsync and fix some bugsDerek Stevens2021-08-281-11/+6
* move offlineimap spawning to inside the loop in case it crashes, include some...Derek Stevens2021-08-241-24/+35
* remove hardcoded reply-to where it should be $addr, and add option for using ...Derek Stevens2021-08-231-14/+26
* first commitDerek Stevens2021-08-232-0/+58