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* fix readmeHEADmainDerek Stevens2020-05-031-52/+52
* add TextBox.c to READMEDerek Stevens2019-11-151-1/+27
* started writing documentationDerek Stevens2019-11-151-0/+175
* we using Mecha font by Captain Falcon now; Free fonts ftwDerek Stevens2019-03-174-1/+4
* finished converting all Kaos constructors to form: newKaos(char* args)Derek Stevens2019-03-103-8/+41
* checking save state in worldbuilder, converting Kaos constructors to accept c...Derek Stevens2019-03-104-38/+102
* more construct(char* args) for kaos constructorsDerek Stevens2019-03-052-2/+13
* beginning conversion of all kaos construcors to be of the form: newKaosType(c...Derek Stevens2019-03-055-63/+72
* more worldbuilding scriptDerek Stevens2019-03-052-1/+8
* moar worldbuilding with textfileDerek Stevens2019-03-054-10/+5
* file feed map builder can do almost everything the hardwired map can do, just...Derek Stevens2019-02-092-86/+113
* map data interpreter coming alongDerek Stevens2019-02-083-25/+178
* working on world data interpreter some moreDerek Stevens2019-02-082-0/+15
* working on world data interpreterDerek Stevens2019-02-083-6/+60
* started implementing scripting language for map generationDerek Stevens2019-02-034-147/+415
* Restricted BSD License (if you distribute binaries, ship source with it!)Derek Stevens2019-01-161-0/+24
* removed redundant sprite copying in Player and Room, more concise collision d...Derek Stevens2019-01-139-144/+91
* internal screen dimensions as enum in extern.h, instead of #defines in config.hDerek Stevens2019-01-092-6/+7
* missed a frameAdvance() in displayTextBox()Derek Stevens2019-01-091-3/+1
* fixed timers for proper constant framerate, and VIDEO SCALING!!!Derek Stevens2019-01-0912-51/+95
* 'if (quit) return;' in playScene()Derek Stevens2019-01-081-0/+1
* exit fullscreen before quitting SDL -- gets around a rare glitch where screen...Derek Stevens2018-12-261-1/+1
* added tombstones to everything -- lazy deletion of objects allows more robust...Derek Stevens2018-12-208-143/+162
* HUD for currently selected spellDerek Stevens2018-12-196-1/+18
* kListen nulladic -- why was I passing a global variable by address?Derek Stevens2018-12-162-5/+5
* more TODO!Derek Stevens2018-12-161-3/+19
* synergies can have 'a' as a value for player direction (any direction)Derek Stevens2018-12-161-1/+1
* more TODODerek Stevens2018-12-161-1/+2
* TODO list to keep track of immanent changesDerek Stevens2018-12-161-0/+4
* spellKnowledge is an array of booleans instead of a product of primes; scroll...Derek Stevens2018-12-163-4/+14
* Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.com/nilix/hyperkaosDerek Stevens2018-12-141-1/+1
| * cleanHyperKaos() fixed (doesn't alter save state, sets head back to NULL)Derek Stevens2018-11-291-1/+1
* | working on fleshing out the spellbook -- starting setup for phase-shift/time-...Derek Stevens2018-12-148-3/+83
* conditional compiling for sound support!Derek Stevens2018-11-1310-9/+82
* derp, forgot to add all the actual lighning beam stuffDerek Stevens2018-11-1312-26/+203
* lightning beam spell implemented!Derek Stevens2018-10-301-0/+0
* setting up for magic mechanics: Synergy structures, their interface, globals ...Derek Stevens2018-10-1215-16/+190
* Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.com/nilix/hyperkaosDerek Stevens2018-10-085-30/+52
| * simple config.h to change keyboard settingsDerek Stevens2018-09-255-30/+52
* | intro function in Engine.c as opposed to its own include fileDerek Stevens2018-10-084-33/+31
* Implemented input handling for scenes (skip, fullscreen, quit), and pulled in...Derek Stevens2018-09-244-30/+74
* added alpha blending for scene components, global pointer for scene data, inc...Derek Stevens2018-09-2418-41/+70
* basics of the cutscene engine are fleshed out, working intro sequenceDerek Stevens2018-09-224-0/+167
* remove unnecessary casts from void, fix removePlayer() in Room.c, add alpha s...Derek Stevens2018-09-217-53/+51
* get those compiled files out of the repo!Derek Stevens2018-09-199-0/+0
* refactor in pure C, new Kaos: FaceEachother, PlaySound, TeleportDerek Stevens2018-09-1981-0/+2612