fonon is my phone, a Light Phone II. It's a minimalist device that calls, texts, and provides basic functions like an alarm clock, calculator, music player, hotspot, and GPS.

My Light Phone II sitting on my journal with a pencil and my USB key nearby for scale



The Light Phone II, while running a custom fork of Android 8.1, is a privacy respecting device. It has no inbuilt telemetry, and the privacy policy of the company is very air-tight. The necessity of the online dashboard is a bit frustrating for me but the UX is good.

As for the device itself and the experience, it's wonderful. The machine is tiny: its length and width are slightly larger than a credit card. The e-ink display, while it has a low refresh rate, is a joy to behold and the UI of LightOS is very thoughtfully put together. Typing on the tiny screen with such a slow refresh rate can be frustrating, but recent updates have provided speech-to-text with the help of There are bugs to be had, but the developers are good about listening to customer feedback and release bugfix updates on a regular basis. I typically don't advocate for new hardware, but I wanted to support a small company creating one of the only products of its kind, so I made an exception to my no-new-devices rule.